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Phyto Gold Essence

Phyto Gold Essence


Five years of intensive research into highly exclusive ingredients provided remarkable results. Every drop of Phyto Gold Essence makes you feel and see a visible improvement of your skin texture. Just one drop is 3 to 5 times more powerful as traditional concentrates and ampoules. The combination of colloidal Gold – gold is anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, wrinkle reducing, firming, hydrating – with precious plant stem cells, natural untreated phytosterols and other exquisite ingredients, is tailored to the needs of every skin condition (including sensitive, allergic skin). After the very first application you can sense and see your very own skin perfection. Lines and wrinkles diminish, imperfections are eliminated, regeneration is stimulated and deep effective moisturizing is enabled so as to increase the resistance of the skin.


  • pH‐value : 5.2 – 6.2
  • Appearance : White milky gel
  • packaging  : 2 x 5ml mini glass bottle with pipette with folding box
  • skin type : For all skin types; even for sensitive skin.


The synergy of a double combination of plant stem cells and highly valuable gold extracts has culminated in Phyto Gold Essence becoming an active Anti-Aging-Expert. Phyto Gold Essence represents the peak performance of 70 years of experience in the field of Anti Aging Technology. The result is a maximum degree of radiant smoothness, firmness and anti wrinkle effect. This highly effective 1 month treatment penetrates quickly and improves all repair functions of the skin. The effect of Phyto Gold Essence can be increased many times over if combined with Phyto Lift Cream or Phyto Lift Cream Sensitive.



  • delays aging of essential skin cells
  •  improves the vitality of skin stem cells
  •  acts against chronological skin aging
  •  calms and softens skin
  •  intensive treatment against lines and wrinkles
  •  increases moisture content of skin
  •  activates all skin functions



Phyto Lift Gold Essence is recommended as a „lifting cure“. Apply a few drops mornings and/or evenings after cleansing, before applying daily care. Phyto Gold Essence is a 3 to 6 weeks cure.


    How To Order

    You can order by calling our Customer Service Representatives,

    or you can order directly at the miladopizamericonline or one of our distributor's stores.

    If you are having trouble placing your order, please feel free to call or email.

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