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Stem Cells Mask

Stem Cells Mask


• Affects the chronological aging of the skin
• Increases the moisture content of the skin
• Works against hormonal skin aging
• Anti Aging Active ingredients in the highest concentration


Product information

pH-Value: -
Appearance: Gauze Mask
Packaging retail: 20g Sachet in 3pack



Open the bag. Unfold the stem cells mask. Tighten the
mask over the face and smooth it. Furthermore you place
the top ear loops around the ears. After that you lead the
lower loops along the chin to the ears, to achieve the best
lifting effect. After at least 20 minutes remove the mask
and rub in gently the remains. The mask is suitable for a
single use.



Matrixyl 3000,Kudzu extract,Comfrey cell extract,Soya beans extract,Uttwiler Spätlauber applestem cell extract,The Peptides,Sodium Hyaluronate,Matrixyl 3000,Coenzyme Q10,D-Panthenol,Aqua Cacteen,Comfrey,Lipex Cellect,Repair Complex,Apricot Kernel Oil,Shea Butter,Squalane,Jojoba Oil,Rice Bran Oil,Lotus,Edelweiss,Almond,Peach,Cherry,Chili


    How To Order

    You can order by calling our Customer Service Representatives,

    or you can order directly at the miladopizamericonline or one of our distributor's stores.

    If you are having trouble placing your order, please feel free to call or email.

    Customer Service   

    T: 213-387-3800


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