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Since the establishment of the Hub Mila Middle East in 2015, various partnerships and contracts have been established in the desert oasis Dubai. Mila d'Opiz was now able to establish another piece and has great plans with its siege there.

This year's Beautyworld in Dubai took place from 14-16 May 2017 at the World Trade Center and has been an unprecedented and record-breaking success. The 22nd edition of Beautyworld Middle East provided attractive opportunities, incredible insights and a fascinating insight into the future of the beauty and wellness industry. The show welcomed over 42,000 visitors and over 1,570 exhibitors from 57 countries. The influence of the show has not only spread across the Middle East and Africa and the Indian subcontinent but has gone a long way, offering the latest beauty trends and exciting new opportunities for thousands of influential retail buyers. The good feedback and the resonance are major factors for the newly planned appearance of Mila d'Opiz AG with a representative booth at the Beautyworld 2018 in Dubai.


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